Deceptive Site Ahead Warning?

Sometime we faced this type of issues. It does not happened for server provider. It happens when a web page is loaded and it contains any phishy content, firefox & chrome blocks entire page for their safe browsing. You have to remove malware data from your site.

How to remove?

First thing is, You have to confirm about your site malware. Is it internal or external. If you have external link in your website and if that link is blacklisted by safe browsing you have to remove that link from your site.

If you don’t find any external issues, then you have to check your Ad publisher link ( can remove it for checking purpose).

If your Publisher code is working good, then you have to check your theme & plugin or other internal pages.

If you use nulled theme or plugin you may face this type of problem. So we suggest you, Please DON’T USE ANY NULLED THEME or PLUGIN or SCRIPT.

And final step is, you may need to submit report to chrome about this after solving/removing your malware data to remove your site from their blacklist.

If you failed to solve your problem, Please submit a support ticket to our support center.

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